Review: La Mexicana

Mexican is a go-to cuisine for us when we’re looking for a fun and delicious night out. Ryan and I have our staple restaurants where we typically go — Tacqueria Mercado for a low key lunch or dinner, and Nada if we’re feeling a bit fancier. We’ve visited both restaurants many times, are rarely disappointed, and therefore don’t often deviate unless we’re in a different neighborhood for another reason or visiting a new city. 

However, Ryan has been visiting another Mexican restaurant staple locally for years. Anytime he catches up with his cousin and good friend, Josh, they make their way to La Mexicana in Newport to chow down on tacos. I’ve been begging him to take me there after hearing stories of their authentic food and atmosphere. 

Well, it finally happened. Last Friday night, after a long week, we were looking for an easy and fun date night — and we wanted to go somewhere different. After skimming Yelp, I finally convinced Ryan to take me to La Mexicana!

We were able to find street parking right outside the restaurant. The restaurant was bustling, and we sat in the back dining room in a cozy corner booth. We were soon treated to chips and salsa and began perusing the menus. There were so many tempting options, with many more vegetarian choices than other restaurants! I was excited to share their cheese enchiladas with mole and hongos (mushroom) quesadilla between the two of us. 


The enchiladas were so flavorable! La Mexicana’s mole had just the right amount of spice, and the side of rice and beans were absolutely delicious. I imagine it would have been great with meat, but I’m a big fan of the cheese enchiladas if you’re a veggie like me.  It was a very generous portion, but of course, we ate every bite!


The quesadilla was a real surprise and much different than any other we’ve tried. It’s HUGE, overflowing with tons of mushrooms, pico, lettuce, and of course, melted cheese on the bottom and chihuahua cheese sprinkled on top. It’s a thicker tortilla than other quesadillas, and we ate it like a giant taco! We’re looking forward to trying the Huitlacoche (corn truffle) quesadilla soon!  

The service was friendly and welcoming. We were encouraged to come back on a Tuesday for Taco Tuesday, where they have deals on their famous tacos! I think we’ll take them up on it. We'd also like to stop by their grocery store, which is located in the back of the restaurant. 

It’s great to have a new option in our rotation for our next night out!

Until next time,