Taking It All In: Carew Tower

Sometimes the best date ideas are the most simple. 

There are a lot of people who have lived in Cincinnati their whole lives and have never made it up the 49 floors to take in the views from the top of the highest elevated building in our city. If you're one of these people, like Ryan was, make a point one sunny afternoon this summer to visit the top of Carew Tower. For just $4, you can gain a whole new perspective on our gorgeous town (just make sure you bring cash โ€“ the attendant at the top does not accept credit!)

And for just 25ยข more, you can look through one of the binoculars!

The trip to the top is easy peasy on the elevators (although, if you're claustrophobic, the second, shorter elevator ride may not be your thing!) It's worth the journey to see the stunning views of the river and rolling seven hills. It's fun to spot the landmarks and people watch from far above the streets below.

For us, it's a fun little excursion before we head out on the streetcar for a date night dinner in OTR. We hope you enjoy it! 

Until next time,