Photo Diary: Liverpool

“You went to England for a long weekend? Have you ever heard of Chicago or Nashville?”

Crazy, I know. But so worth it!

Here’s what happened. My cousin is getting married, and my mum and I just couldn’t miss out on the beginning of the festivities around her big day: her engagement party.

As I’ve mentioned before, I moved to the U.S. from England when I was a little girl, and much of my extended family still lives in and around Liverpool, where my parents grew up. I love my history and my heritage – I’m proud of where I come from, of my hometowns in both England and in the States.

Sometimes, though, being away from family can be hard. Big life changes happen. You miss sad things: grandparents growing older and passing away. You also miss happy things: cousins growing from babies into adults – and meeting their person, falling in love, and getting engaged. It’s hard to miss the big life moments with the people you love the most, happy or sad. Limited vacation time and funds make it difficult to make it back for those important family moments.

We just couldn’t miss this party. Jemma and I are close, and I knew I would regret it forever if I didn’t get to be there for this important time in her life – her new life with Garry. These are the moments you can’t get back – the moments that really matter.

In the past, my travel photo diaries have been focused on site-seeing – something I love to do. This photo diary is a little different and is especially special to me, because it shows the people and places that I love most – they feel so distant so much of the time, but are so much a part of me that  it’s overwhelming. Here’s a little look at my surprise long weekend across the pond, in my other hometown of Liverpool:

I can’t wait until October 2017, when we’ll be back in Liverpool for the Roberts-Delaney wedding!

Until next time,