Review: Please

I don't know how to describe the dining experience we just had. It's been a week, and I'm still speechless. It's so hard to describe – in the best way.

Cincinnati has been buzzing about Please, Ryan Santos' restaurant in Over-the-Rhine, for over a year.

The restaurant is a little off the beaten path, located at Clay and E 14th. It's a small space, holding only about 30 people, with the kitchen open to the dining room at the front of the building, and a bar tucked away at the back. Beyond that, it's hard to put into words what dining at Please is like. 

People ask me, "So, what was your favorite dish?"

"OMG, these apple fritter things that are covered in cheese and caramel sauce that you eat with your fingers...and the braised rutabaga with dates, thyme & cheddar..." 

And they inquire, "So, what other restaurants compare to it? Is it American, Italian, French?"

It's an impossible question to answer, because there's nothing else like it. Please is truly one of kind. 

When I eat at Please, I forget I'm in Cincinnati. It feels like the kind of experience you could only get in Chicago, San Francisco, or New York City. When I eat at Please, I know that Cincinnati has made it, and I couldn't be more thankful to Chef Santos for bringing this level of creativity to our local food scene. We are SO lucky to have him.

Please was recently named the best restaurant in Cincinnati of 2017 by Polly Campbell, and I can see why. 

All I can say is, scroll the gallery below, and make a reservation. You won't regret it. 

Until next time,