Review: Son Of A Preacher Man (Closed)

I’ve been dying to go to Son of a Preacher Man since it first opened early last year. The restaurant is close to home for us – located in the old Eat Well Cafe/What’s For Dinner space in O’Bryonville. I was a little skeptical when I heard that the owners of my beloved Enoteca Emilia were opening a fried chicken joint, but since Son of a Preacher Man opened, I’ve only heard rave reviews.

Ryan and I saw our opportunity to finally try it out on a particularly snowy weekend night recently. We were too tired to cook and were craving some comfort food close to home. This was our chance: Son of a Preacher Man was what’s for dinner!

We walked right in and were seated at a high-top table near a window. The space has a very similar set-up as Eat Well, only with a more down-home kind of feel. I loved it – from the church pew booths to the old school wallpaper, this place is light and airy and fun! We had an incredibly enthusiastic and nice server, who quickly brought over my glass of their red wine blend in a mason jar. Let the what-to-order debate begin!

We asked our server whether she recommended the Pimento Cheese Fritters or the South Shore Crab Dip, and before we could even finish the question, she was shouting, “the fritters!” We had high expectations, and they were met in every way possible. Crispy, gooey, cheesy, flavorful goodness served over green tomato and jalapeno jam. I love green tomatoes – the jam really sets these apart. Ryan even topped his off with some of their house hot sauce, for a bit of a kick. Don’t miss these.


For his entree, Ryan ordered the 3-piece Sunday’s Best Fried Chicken dinner, with a breast, thigh, and leg, and a side of southern mash and gravy. The chicken was crispy, juicy, golden brown deliciousness – and was particularly yummy topped with some honey. Although the mashed potatoes weren’t particularly lumpy, you could tell they were homemade, with lots of butter.

For my entree, I opted for the Sundays Best Fried Chicken biscuit sandwich with a side of Preachers Mac N’ Cheese, to which our server exclaimed, “SO GOOD! You picked all of my favorites! You’ll love it!”

image25 (1).jpeg

Boy, she wasn’t kidding. This sandwich is out of this world. The boneless chicken breast must be double-battered in heaven – it was even crispier than the chicken Ryan ordered. The sandwich was simple, but expertly made. Underneath the chicken were some pickle chips (Chick-Fil-A style), and the breast was topped with fresh arugula.

All of this was served on the most delectable, buttery, flaky biscuit I’ve ever had. My mouth waters just thinking about it! This has raised the standards of biscuits for me forever – I like biscuits a lot, but I may never waste my time on one that isn’t from Son of a Preacher Man ever again.

The mac n’ cheese was tasty and was a pretty large portion, served in a castiron skillet. This was my style of mac n’ cheese: lots of cheese, perfect noodles, baked with plenty of crispy breadcrumbs on top. Ryan wished it was creamier, with more sauce, but I thought it was just right.

We were stuffed, but when we found out they had homemade lemon chess pie, we just couldn’t pass up on a slide to share. The perfect ending to an awesome meal!

We left happy with full bellies, but also with a big question on our minds: why are people literally clamoring over The Eagle when there’s a better spot just outside of downtown?

I hate to blow this apparently best-kept-secret-ever of Hyde Parkers, but Son of a Preacher Man undoubtedly beats The Eagle in every way possible, not only with their food, but also with their wait time, service, and ambiance. I say this at the risk of losing readership, as I know how beloved The Eagle is in our community (and I didn’t hate it when I went – although I couldn’t quite get on the bandwagon.)

Son of a Preacher Man deserves lots of hype, and although I selfishly hope I never have to wait 3 hours for a table, their chicken and biscuits are actually worth it. Needless to say, you won’t find us waiting around in OTR for fried chicken ever again – instead, we’ll stay in the neighborhood.

Until next time,